Tuesday, April 16, 2019



Hi friends! Target Tuesday is back.... after almost two years! It's crazy how much has happened from my last post until now but I will save that for another time. 

I will be getting back to blogging slowly but surely. I am so excited to be picking up where I left off with the "Target Tuesday" series.  Every Tuesday I will have something to share from our favorite place... Target!

Since becoming a mom (and turning 30) my style has definitely changed a bit.  After watching Marie Kondo on Netflix I started "kondo-ing?" my entire house.  I did what she said with my closet. Took every single thing out. EVERY SINGLE THING.  There were SO many SHORT dresses. Of course I hadn't wore them in years.  I was so confused to keep them or not. Part of me wanted to as motivation to get my pre-baby body back even though I knew I would never wear them again.  But thankfully the good Lord helped me see that even if I do get that body back... I am never getting in those again. Those dresses were "24-year-old-vegas-bachelorette-party-Steph".  I am not that young or that girl anymore 😂

So here we are and I am much more comfortable in this long pretty dress.  This dress would be great for church, the workplace, a girls brunch, with heels or flats.  I love the flower detail and pops of orange.  Of course what I love most is that it is 20% off right now making it just over $30. My heels are also 50% off and these go with everything! I also linked some of my favorite jumpsuits from Target that are also on sale.

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