Friday, April 26, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey girls! I created a Mother's Day gift guide to try and make shopping for mom a little bit easier.  My mom literally has everything on this guide except for the Jo Malone candle so it is all mom approved (I have most of these too).  I love to get my mom things that she wouldn't normally get herself.  After becoming a mom myself, I have so much more respect and love for my mom. She is amazing and I love to treat her to something nice for Mother's Day.

1. Barefoot Dreams robe: My mom and I both have this robe.  She got it for my birthday a few years ago and them I got it for hers 😂. We both LOVE this robe.  It is soooo soft and cozy. We both wear them all the time.  We facetime just about everyday and more times than not we are both in our robes.  Even when it is summer I wear it in the morning time when I am having my coffee.

2. Jo Malone perfume: Jo Malone has a reputation for a reason.  The scents are so different and last all day!  The first one I got my mom was mimosa and cardamom. It smells AMAZING on her.  I will never forget when I was in labor with my son every single time she walked in the room it smelled amazing!  She gets compliments every time she wears it.  We both love wood sage and sea salt because it is a bit different and slightly masculine.  They have so many good ones and make for the perfect gift! 

3. Nordstrom pajamas:  Again, we both have these and love them! So comfortable and so adorable.

4. Miller sandals: No woman doesn't want a pair of these.  Classy and go with everything!

5. Kendra Scott earrings: One of my moms favorite things I've gotten her to this date.  She loves these in particular because they are light weight.

6. Barefoot Dreams blanket: Just like the robe, it is the softest thing ever! Perfect for getting cozy on the couch and watching Hallmark movies 😊

7. Jo Malone candle: such good reviews and smell so good!

8. Kendra Scott necklace: dainty and goes with so much.

9. Vince Camuto Sandal: my mom loves these because they have a heel that is comfortable.

I hope this helps.  If you have any questions please comment below.  What are you getting your mom this year?!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


DSW has been so good lately. They have so many great/stylish shoes at such affordable prices. All of these above are just under $40! How could you not pass this up?

1. Black Heel: These are just a staple shoe that you need in your closet.  I cannot tell you all the times I reach for a simple black heel.  These have great reviews and because the heel is thick they should be pretty comfortable!

2. Floral Heel: These are so great for spring and summer to spice up an outfit.  Once again, small block heel so not uncomfortable and great reviews!

3. White sandal: I LOVE white shoes for spring and summer. These are SO cute!

4. Sandal: These come in so many colors and would go with pretty much anything. You could wear them with a dress, jumpsuit or even jeans. 

5. Snakeskin heel: I would wear these ALL THE TIME! Y'all know how much I wear black.  Throw these on and your black outfits will be immediately elevated!

6. Dolce Vita Slides: Okay, these are probably my favorite. Come in many colors and the small studd detail gives them just the right amount of "edgy-ness".  These are very on trend right now and would be so cute with dresses, jeans, or shorts.

7. Leather slide: These are a great basic slide that are similar to the Sam Edelman ones but half the price.  They also come in a few different colors and patterns.

8. Dolce Vita Slides 2: Same with these. Easy, on trend, and come in many colors/patterns.

9. Platform sandal: I LOVE a platform shoe.  They are comfortable and make you look taller.  Who doesn't want that?  These also come in a pretty tan color.

Thursday, April 18, 2019


You guys! Forever 21 has been KILLING it lately.  I honestly haven't shopped there in so long.  I got an email last week and they were having a sale on all of their dresses for 25% off.  I got a few and was so happy with all of them.  I originally ordered a small in this but it was a little tight around the arms so I switched it for a medium. This is under $20!  I also picked up this one and this one.  I would say they run tts but if between sizes go up.  If you haven't been there in a while not is a is a great time to go.  They also had so many good shoes and accessories.

Hope everyone has had a great week. We are almost to the weekend!


Tuesday, April 16, 2019



Hi friends! Target Tuesday is back.... after almost two years! It's crazy how much has happened from my last post until now but I will save that for another time. 

I will be getting back to blogging slowly but surely. I am so excited to be picking up where I left off with the "Target Tuesday" series.  Every Tuesday I will have something to share from our favorite place... Target!

Since becoming a mom (and turning 30) my style has definitely changed a bit.  After watching Marie Kondo on Netflix I started "kondo-ing?" my entire house.  I did what she said with my closet. Took every single thing out. EVERY SINGLE THING.  There were SO many SHORT dresses. Of course I hadn't wore them in years.  I was so confused to keep them or not. Part of me wanted to as motivation to get my pre-baby body back even though I knew I would never wear them again.  But thankfully the good Lord helped me see that even if I do get that body back... I am never getting in those again. Those dresses were "24-year-old-vegas-bachelorette-party-Steph".  I am not that young or that girl anymore 😂

So here we are and I am much more comfortable in this long pretty dress.  This dress would be great for church, the workplace, a girls brunch, with heels or flats.  I love the flower detail and pops of orange.  Of course what I love most is that it is 20% off right now making it just over $30. My heels are also 50% off and these go with everything! I also linked some of my favorite jumpsuits from Target that are also on sale.