Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Target Tuesday + Thanksgiving Outfit


Thanksgiving is almost here! Who else loves this week? All last weekend I could not wait for this week. Partly because my birthday is tomorrow and partly because Mike has some time off.  I love nothing more than relaxing with my family, watching football, and of course eating!  

 Today I am starting a new series called Target Tuesday.  Every Tuesday I am going to be featuring something that I purchased from Target. Whether it is something for me, Jack, or the house, I am constantly getting cute things from there that look more expensive than they actually are. 

I have been shopping at Target for years and I have so many things that people are always shocked to find out I got from there. Take this sweater for example. It is only $25 and looks way more. There are sweaters at the mall right now that look EXACTLY like this and cost  $60+. This is from the A New Day line that they just brought on and I love just about everything in the collection. I live less than a mile from Target and every time I go in it is a serious problem. Some of the employees recognize me, which isn't a great sign :-) SO many cute things.  

I hope you guys love Target as much as I do and enjoy these posts! I am also linking the most amazing sweet potato casserole you will ever eat. Seriously, it is incredible.  If you are going somewhere and don't know what to make, make this!


  1. Absolutely LOVE A New Day! And Ruth's Chris Sweet Potato casserole is one of my go to Holiday recipes! Always a crowd-pleaser! Love Love Love Target Tuesdays!!

    1. Some people complain it's too sweet and should be a dessert. Either way works for me! <3

  2. Cute outfit! I'll have to try these jeans too for my growing bump! xo