Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Target Tuesday: Jack's Sweater

CARDIGAN | JEANS (maternity) | SHOES (mine are old) SIMILAR HERE
Jack's Sweater, HERE, Jack's jeans, SIMILAR HERE

Need an ugly Christmas sweater for your little one? Target has you covered! Mike was walking through Target last week with Jack and wanted to get him a "cozy sweater" because that is all I have been wearing lately. With the chilly-ish weather and pregnancy, I just want to be cozy.  This was a gift for me on my birthday and it was my favorite one for two reasons. Mike thinks I spend way too much money on clothes for Jack so the fact that he spent money on a sweater, this one no less, made my day. Secondly, he got a size 2T. We do have a big boy but I laughed and laughed. I asked Mike if he knew what 2T meant and he said no but when he picked it up it looked like it would fit. It actually ended up not being that big after all. We dressed Jack in this for my birthday breakfast and I just couldn't get over how adorable it was.

I would say Jack and his jeans steal the show in this post. These were given to me as a gift when Jack was three months old and I couldn't wait until he could wear them. Now they are almost too small so he is wearing them on repeat until they don't fit anymore. Have you ever seen anything cuter than baby True Religion's?!?

Target also has a ton of ugly christmas sweaters for adults. So if you are going to a party and need one, look no other than Target! I will link them for women here and men here.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

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