Saturday, July 8, 2017

Red Gingham OTS Top

TOP | SKIRT | SHOES (mine are last season from Nordstrom Rack $50) | SUNNIES

This is the outfit I wore on the fourth.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that denim skirts are back in style! When I was in high school I had three denim skirts from Abercrombie. I wore them ALL THE TIME. When they went out of style I held on to them for a few years hoping they would make a comeback but I finally got rid of them a few years ago. And now... they've came back in style! In reality, the Abercrombie ones I used to wear are way to short for my age now anyway.  This top also comes in black and is 50% off! I found these shoes at Nordstrom Rack and they were 70% off!!! I couldn't pass them up. I was shopping with my mom and I asked "do I really need these?" Her response was "you can never have too many shoes."  See where I get it!?!?

Okay, so... obviously my legs look very splotchy.  I was feeling quit pasty the morning of the fourth so I applied self tanner (I usually do this at night, sleep with it on, and shower it off in the morning).

The thing is, on the way to a friend's cookout, we went and saw Mike's aunt. Mike's aunt lives in a gorgeous high rise, decorated from head to toe in art from all around the world. It is all beautiful and unique and like a museum. We were sitting around talking and I was holding Jack.  The chairs were soft with a beautiful, custom, can't-be-replicated fabric from some foreign country, I'm sure.  All the sudden my thighs feel warm.  I finally realize that my son is peeing on me (we tried out new/cheaper diapers... you really get what you pay for). I grabbed him while trying to catch any of the pee that I could so that it would not get on the furniture.  Luckily, not much got on the chairs but it was ALL OVER my legs. I knew immediately what this meant for my self tanner that had not been washed off! I went to the bathroom to try and make it look even but I only made it look worse. I just had to laugh... #momlife.

Any moms out there have a similar story?

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  1. Try Sugar Baby "Suntanned Beauties" faux bronze creme (available online at Amazon) it is a lotion non chemical tanner and it is awesome! Stopped doing the self bronzer as I feel this works better. Be sure to apply right after your shower with just newly washed but dry skin. It has a bit of shimmer in it too which is lovely. And, yes, I agree...there is no substitute for a good diaper. I tried cotton one time and I truly sympathize for my grandma and don't know how women do/did it! Hang in there girlie!😊