Monday, July 3, 2017

Family Pics

As most of y'all know, my mom was in town last week.  We always have so much fun when she comes in. It is like waiting and waiting for Christmas to come, then it comes and it is gone so fast! Every time she leaves I beg her to stay a few more days.  No amount of time is ever enough.  But I am extremely grateful for the times that she does get to come.

As always, we got pedicures, did some shopping, watched movies, ate lots of good food and just hung out. People always ask me when my mom is coming in what we are going to do. I always tell them that she has seen all the sights and hot spots in San Diego. She doesn't come here for that. She comes here to be with our family.  That is what I love about our relationship.  We don't have to do anything. We just love to be together.  Mike always makes me promise that I won't stay up all night talking and that I will take care of myself and get some sleep.  I only stayed up half the night this time 😛

Now that Jack is here it is 10 million times harder to be away! She loves him so much and she is so good with him.  She plays with him, reads to him, feeds him, changes his diapers - she does everything! And she loves it! She is always such a huge help when she comes here.  I appreciate it even more now.

My brother, my mom and I have not had any pics made of us in a long time.  We have always called ourselves the three musketeers because we are so close. Lot's of laughing, reminiscing, and story telling.  Jack adds a new dynamic but it is so much better! We have even more love for each other because of him and we all love him so much!

The one request my mom had while she was here was that Mike take some pictures of us.  She wanted to get some with her kids and with Jack.  We all were talking about what we were going to wear and we all said we weren't going to be cliche and wear white.....😁... well here we are wearing white.  I mean, can you blame us? It always looks good... you really can't go wrong.

We all loaded up in the car to find a spot to take a few pics. We were literally in the car for maybe three minutes.  When we got out I was holding Jack and Mike said "Jack has a little something for you."  I was confused but by the look on Mike's face it didn't take long to figure out.  Jack had a blow-out during those three minutes.  It was ALL OVER the back of him.  We just laughed because I mean, what else can you do.  I didn't bring a diaper bag or change of clothes because we were right down the road and we changed him just before we left. So, that is what was going on behind the scenes. We were all trying to make sure it didn't get on us when we held him.

On to our outfits! My shoes (here) are a complete dupe for these Jeffrey Campbell ones.  And guess where I go them from? Yep, Target!

Mom's cute top is here from Chico's.

Brad's shirt (I call it the Justin Bieber top) is here from Urban Outfitters.

Mike's shirt is here from J.CREW  (this isn't the exact one, but the closest I could find)

Jack's cute outfit is here (50% off)

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoy's the holiday!

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