Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Blue + White Dress

Happy Wednesday! I have a love/hate relationship with Wednesday's. It is the one day a week that I work which I love because I get to see my clients and do what I enjoy, but I miss Jack so much! Today happens to be especially exciting because my mom is coming into town tonight.  As I have said before, the hardest thing about living here is being away from my family.  My mom and I are super close, I would give anything to be able to meet her for lunch and go shopping with her any random day.  So when she is here we take full advantage! We always get pedicures and do a little shopping but our favorite thing is just sitting around watching Hallmark movies and talking.  I cannot wait to pick her up!

On another note, how cute is this dress? I tried out this place I had never shopped at before called Boohoo. They were having a major sale of 50% off last week so I went all out and ordered a ton of stuff.  Maybe I ordered too much, half of it is going back, but! This was one of the things I am keeping. I love this dress! So feminine and delicate. Today they are having 50% off everything again. I would say it is definitely worth trying out for those trendy pieces you don't want to spend a ton on. 

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