Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Most Comfy T


Here I am again in my favorite mom uniform! A good t-shirt and jeans.  This is the perfect mom uniform because it is comfy and easy but also cute.  You can throw on some slides, wedges, converse, whatever you want really and it still looks so cute. I've been stocking up on these lately because it takes very little effort.  I found this one for less than 20 bucks at Boohoo, the site I told y'all about last week.  I only ordered one because I wanted to see how it fit but I definitely plan on ordering more colors.  I'm thinking black for sure!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Dress of The Summer

DRESS | SHOES | BAG (similar)  

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the week! Mike and I had a little staycation this weekend downtown at the U.S. Grant. We use to live literally right across when I first moved to San Diego and I always wanted to stay there because of how gorgeous it is inside. Think marble everywhere with huge chandeliers.

My mom offered to keep Jack so we could go out.  It was my first night away from him which was hard and I almost didn't do it (that silly mom guilt thing popped in my mind again).  We go on a lot of dates without Jack, but leaving him for the night had not even crossed my mind yet!  I am so glad we did it.  We had so much fun and it was so needed! It is so important to me to have that time with my husband. We use to go on little weekend trips all the time. We promised we would keep our marriage 1st (after God) and though it can be hard, it is a must! We tried not to talk about Jack the whole time.😛

We went to dinner and walked around downtown. I was set on us staying out late... but we were in the room and in bed by 10 o'clock  (#parentlife, #canthang).  We were so excited to not get up to an alarm or Jack's 7AM wake up. But of course, we woke up right at 7!

The weather was definitely June gloom but I had to get a couple pics of this dress.  I've had my eye on this Free People dress, but there was no way I was going to spend $150 on it.  I saw this one at Chicwish and on sale and had to get it! I love a good dupe! This seriously looks exactly like it! It is still on sale so get it before it is gone!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Blue + White Dress

Happy Wednesday! I have a love/hate relationship with Wednesday's. It is the one day a week that I work which I love because I get to see my clients and do what I enjoy, but I miss Jack so much! Today happens to be especially exciting because my mom is coming into town tonight.  As I have said before, the hardest thing about living here is being away from my family.  My mom and I are super close, I would give anything to be able to meet her for lunch and go shopping with her any random day.  So when she is here we take full advantage! We always get pedicures and do a little shopping but our favorite thing is just sitting around watching Hallmark movies and talking.  I cannot wait to pick her up!

On another note, how cute is this dress? I tried out this place I had never shopped at before called Boohoo. They were having a major sale of 50% off last week so I went all out and ordered a ton of stuff.  Maybe I ordered too much, half of it is going back, but! This was one of the things I am keeping. I love this dress! So feminine and delicate. Today they are having 50% off everything again. I would say it is definitely worth trying out for those trendy pieces you don't want to spend a ton on. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Being pregnant and having Jack has been the greatest accomplishment in my life.  He has brought more joy than I ever could have imagined. It it hard to think of life before he was here!

I had a pretty great pregnancy.  Yes, there was rib pain and sleepless nights, but Jack was healthy and for the most part I was too.  While I was pregnant there were two things people told me constantly: "enjoy sleep now" and "your life is about to change forever." Those were both true! I have learned how to run off less sleep and yes, my life has changed forever for the better.

What I want to talk about today are the things that no one told me would happen.  I knew there would be sleepless nights and I was as prepared for that as I could be. And I knew my life would be different. But here are three things no one told me when I was pregnant. Hopefully they're helpful for you:

Breastfeeding is hard. REALLY HARD! I cannot believe that while I was pregnant, no one told me this.  Almost everyone asked me if I was going to breastfeed, even strangers.  But no one asked and then shared their struggle.  One of my biggest regrets/upset is my breastfeeding journey.  Jack latched on great and at first my supply was not a problem. When he was about two months and started eating more I knew something wasn't right.  I would feed him for 45 minutes to an hour and poor baby would finish and cry and cry. I was trying so hard to stick to the Baby Wise schedule that I would make him wait to eat until the next feeding.  I had no clue he was still hungry! One night when he was about 6 weeks old, Mike worked and then was given the opprotunity to host a really cool event that would be great exposure for him. I had had such a rough day, when he called and told me I just busted out crying.  I called my mom telling her how fussy Jack had been and I had been feeding him all day and didn't know what to do.  She could hear him crying and she told me to make a bottle.  I explained to her that "the book says it isn't time for him to eat". She yelled at me to feed my baby! I was at my wits end so I said screw the schedule and I made him a bottle of the measly 6 ounces I was able to pump in a day or two.  Poor baby chugged that thing down faster than anything I had ever seen.  When he finished it he was so happy and never fussed again.  This is when I started to realize he was not getting enough from me. 

I started pumping more but I would pump 6-8 times a day and on a good day only get 4oz.  We had to start giving him formula and I began to feel like the biggest failure in the world. If my one job on earth is to have a baby and be able to provide for him and I can't even do that, what good am I? Yes, thats really what I thought. I cried everyday and felt so ashamed. I was drinking mother's milk tea, taking the mother's milk drops, making lactation cookies, and talking to lactation consultants. I was also stressed to the max so that made my supply even worse I'm sure.  People continued to come and randomly ask me if I was breastfeeding or how it was going.  Sometimes I would get tears in my eyes and other times I would just get mad.  The crazy thing about it was that once I started talking about how awful it was going, everyone else did too! Almost every time I would share then they would share a similar experience: how they weren't able to at all, or how extremely hard and exhausting it was. 

I have to admit I was happy to hear this but also mad! Why did no one tell me this!? I started doing a ton of research and saw that I was not in the minority but the majority! Breastfeeding is hard, not just for me but for almost every mom! I have met a couple people who had zero problems and were able to for a year or longer but not many. That wasn't my experience. Hopefully you can prepare for this better than I did.  

Second, the afterbirth sucks.  I know this sounds dramatic. And this is one of those things that vary person to person.  But I had no idea how much pain and discomfort I would be in after having Jack. Jack's heart rate had dropped multiple times during my labor. Ten minutes into pushing it dropped and he had to come out NOW.  I had to be cut (episiotomy). I did not care as long as Jack was out, healthy, and in my arms. BUT... while I was holding Jack and the doc was stitching me up...I knew it had to be pretty bad... I took FOREVER. Also, don't forget even though I work in Aesthetics, I am a RN. I took mama baby and I knew exactly was was happening down there.  

When my doc finally finished I asked how bad it was.  It was a third degree. If you want to google it you can 😬.  I was on the biggest high of my life and thought "eh, its not that bad".  He told me I was going to be in a lot of pain for the next two weeks.  The next morning I could barely walk.  And that continued for about the next week.  I was so sad.  I was the happiest I had ever been but the pain was holding my back.  I couldn't even lift Jack up if he was laying down.  Those first couple nights at home, whenever Jack needed fed my husband or mom would have to hand him to me because I couldn't get him myself.  I started to understand how people get postpartum depression. Hormones are crazy and with this much pain and not even being able to pick my baby up, I was devastated.  And let's not even get into going to the bathroom. The pads, spray bottle and wipes... it was a huge process every single time.  I started to think that my body would never heal and that it would never be the same again. BUT, I started talking about this and hearing from friends who went through the same, similar, and even worse.  One of my friends had a fourth degree and broke her tailbone. WHAT??? And you know what, she healed and was fine. I am amazed at how fast God lets the body heal, within two weeks I would walk normal and within 3 weeks I felt pretty much normal.

Last but not least, mom guilt.  This was something I was not prepared for.  I had heard of this before but it was almost in a proud, bragging way. It was in a way that made it seem like the more guilty you feel the more you care about your child.  My biggest sin is how much I worry.  I constantly worry.  I worry about myself and I worry about others.  I worry about things I know I cannot change and things I have no control over.  It is something I have to pray about and try to work on daily.  So add that to this thing called mom guilt and you can imagine what a disaster it is.  Not only am I worrying about everything Jack does: is he too hot or too cold? Did he sleep too much or not enough? Is he still hungry or did I overfeed him?  Is he getting enough tummy time? Is it bad that I cleaned a little while he was playing instead of being with him? He bumped his head, I should have been there! And the list goes on and on.  The guilt was getting to a point that was debilitating. I was not enjoying time with Jack because I was constantly worried and feeling guilty that I was doing something wrong, not doing something enough, doing something too much and so on.  We took a parenting class through our church and one night my husband "asked for a friend" how to deal with mom guilt.  I remember one of the teachers talking about how God fills the gaps.  I cannot be there 24/7. But I am commited 24/7.  I am committed to being the best mom I can be. To loving him and taking care of him.  I am not God. I am not all-knowing, all-powerful, I am not in control of all things... I'm not even in control of myself.  I saw that the guilt can be a way to be in control when all the control belongs to God.  So with all that said, I will say, yes I still have mom guilt. But I will no longer let it control me and make me feel like less of a mom (most the time).

I hope some of y'all can relate to these. Being a mom is the best thing and the hardest thing I have ever done! What are some things you wish you would have known before you had your baby?  How did you deal with it?

Friday, June 16, 2017


It's Friday! I don't know about y'all but I am so ready for the weekend! I picked up an extra shift at the spa so now I am kind of regretting that but it isn't that long so it's all good.  We don't have any major plans but I really need to clean out my closet 😖. We will see if that happens!

Free People is one of my all time favorite brands. I love the boho feel and their dresses are my favorite. It can be pretty expensive so I always try to shop the sale rack.  I saw this top for 40% off and had to get it. I LOVE tops that are longer in the back. And y'all, this top is SO COMFORTABLE! 

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Don't forget, Sunday is Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another LBD


 We all know the one thing in your closet you can't have too many of is a little black dress. I found this one at Nordstrom during their sale for 40% off and I had to have it.  It is still on sale now so grab it before it's gone.  This dress is perfect for date night, girls night, weddings, and even work.  The lace detail is so beautiful and it is extremely comfortable. 

Who else watched the game last night?  I wanted the Warriors to win and Mike kept saying he just wanted a good series and a game seven. I told him he needed to quit being willy nilly and pick a team! We split a cookies and cream milkshake from Chic-Fil-A (best thing in the world) and when the game was over I was sad because I didn't want the series to end. 😂  Of course when I said that Mike just looked at me 😳.

Monday, June 12, 2017

LuLu Lemon ABC Pants: These are seriously the best purchase I have ever made. I got Mike a pair of these for Christmas. They are a game changer for men. COMFORTABLE dress pants. Mike wears these almost everyday now to work instead of his regular dress pants. He says once you go ABC Pants, you'll never go back. They look good with dressier button downs tucked in with a belt or more casual ones untucked. If you got one thing from this list, this would be it!

Spicebomb Cologne: Oh my goodness! This stuff is intoxicating! It's warm and spicey with notes of tobacco I got this for Mike on Valentine's Day a couple years ago and I am obsessed with it. It smells sooo good. It is definitely my favorite men's cologne.

Vineyard Vines button down: These are great casual button downs and on major sale right now!

Lowe's: Anything from here! I don't know about y'all but Mike and my dad can spend hours in Lowe's. Whether it's tools, grilling stuff, or outdoor stuff you cannot go wrong!

Shinola Watch: My husband hates watches. He doesn't like anything on his wrist. It took him forever to get use to his wedding ring on his finger.  Y'all can live through me and get your man one of these.  It is a splurge but these Shinola watches make a statement and look so good.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Camo V Neck

TOP | JEANS (mine are old from American Eagle, similar HERE) | SHOES | SUNGLASSES | LIPSTICK, lipsense FLY GIRL

I wore this outfit to a church service that we had in the park two weeks ago. It was a crazy morning so I threw this on with my hair in a top knot in about 5 minutes and rushed out of the house. My husband kept saying how this was his favorite outfit and I MUST do a blog post about it. Now I know how moms feel when they slave away over a huge supper and the kids favorite part is the boxed macaroni 😜

I have been wearing these jeans like crazy lately with v-neck t's because it is so easy, cute, and the perfect mom uniform. 

My hair is quite messy/grungy/dirty here but I just got this new hair texturizer and it smells AMAZING! Seriously, try this stuff. 

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Blue Bell Sleeves


It's Friday! I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the weekend. I don't know why, but three day weekends always throw me off and all day yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday! In case you didn't know, today is also National Doughnut Day! I am craving one and there happens to be a new Krispy Kreme store about 10 minutes away. Is there anything better than getting a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut fresh off the rack? Would you believe my husband has NEVER had a Krispy Kreme doughnut?! I think today we need to make it happen!

I got this shirt a couple months ago when I went to visit my mom in Michigan.  We walked by a Forever 21 and I had not been in one in FOREVER! I'm so glad we went in because I love this top! I also got a few other cute trendy pieces for this summer.  I love Forever 21 for more trendy pieces that may or may not be in style for too long because who wants to spend a lot on something you won't wear much! Of course I loved this shirt because of the bell sleeves. I cannot find my shoes online but here are some great ones from the Nordstrom sale.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!