Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Orange OTS Dress

Happy Tuesday! I'm feeling a little bit like it's a Monday, trying to get back in my routine from the long weekend. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! Mike was off and it was wonderful. Anytime he gets a Monday off we take full advantage the entire weekend since he usually has to do show prep on Sunday.  We had a busy Sunday but it was filled with fun things and spending time with friends. When Monday came Mike and I were so ready to relax and continue to binge watch Bloodline on Netflix but Jack had other plans. We can usually count on two two hour naps, but nope! He knew daddy was home and he wanted to play! So, thats what we did.  It was wonderful and exhausting!

I am all about comfy/cute dresses to throw on and go and this dress meets those requirements.  It's easy breezy but still cute with the fun sleeves and bright color!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Target Maxi


If you haven't noticed by now I am a big fan of Target.  I am still amazed at some of the things I find there that look expensive and sometimes even look designer. I have this beautiful black crochet maxi dress that I wore to work the other day. I got non-stop compliments and one of my clients asked me who the designer was (I work in Del Mar, a wealthy area in San Diego). I laughed and told her she would never guess.  She about died when I said Target!

This dress is just the same.  I mean really, would you ever guess this came from Target?! My favorite part is the straps.  The little frills are so feminine and different.  Now that I am a mom and getting ready, time can be very limited, especially since Jack is into EVERYTHING now. I love dresses like this that are easy and still so cute and stylish.  This dress also comes in a floral print, but of course I went for the blue and white stripes!

Don't forget to check out the Nordstrom half yearly sale that is going on now. There are some great shoes and dresses and they will go fast!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gingham Bell Sleeve Dress

Gingham AND bell sleeves all in one! What?! I have found some of the cutest summer dresses at Zara this year. Every time I go in there I have to choose between so many different ones and it is SO hard! But I mean, how fun is this? I wore it to a wedding reception on Sunday. The reception was downtown so Mike and I were excited to take some pics down there and have a little date night. We use to live downtown but we traded in our cool loft apartment for a house in the burbs.  Growing up is so fun!😋  It was so fun to go down there and pretend we were cool and young again but we were quickly ready to get back home to Jack.

I hope everyone is off to a great start of the week! I have been really into reading mystery/thriller novels and I need some recommendations on good ones. If you have any, please let me know! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Blue & White Dress... Again!


Yes, I am wearing another blue and white dress... and there will probably be more! I love this trend for summer, its so girly and fun!
 Who hasn't been to Abercrombie in years? Who remembers almost choking but also loving the smell of FIERCE when you walk by.  My poor mom would get a headache every time we went in there. I stopped in the other day on a whim and I was surprised by how much stuff I liked/wanted. For one, they have BLACK stuff now! I remember when I worked there back in high school they said they would never carry anything black. I am so glad they do now! This dress was on sale but there were a few things I actually wanted to get. So, if you wrote off Abercrombie like I did, give it another chance!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. It was my first one with Jack outside of the womb and it was perfect. Mike usually works on Sunday's but he took the day off and completely catered to me.  I even got a nap! It was glorious!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday!