Sunday, May 8, 2016

Welcome To My Blog!

I’ve been a blog stalker for about three years now. I have wanted to start my own for the better part of the last two years. For my last birthday in November my (amazing) husband got me a camera, photography class, and a designer to help me create my own blog.  When I read his card, I immediately knew what the gift was going to be and started crying. I cried partly because he is always supports my dreams no matter how big or small and the other reason - OH CRAP I ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO THIS! Fast forward to May and I had yet to make the first post. I’ve made plenty of excuses why I shouldn’t (too busy, I’ll do it later, no one will read it anyway) but finally decided I am ready to embark on this journey! 

So, without further ado…allow me to introduce myself:

I am a southern gal from the best place in the world: Tennessee. The little town of Dayton to be exact.  I lived there all my life until I moved to the other side of Tennessee to go to college. I went to a private little christian college called Freed-Hardeman University. Some of the best memories of my life were made there in Henderson, TN. I studied nursing and met the love of my life who would later become my husband. He moved to San Diego, CA for a new job and “imported me,” (as he says). I am the least likely girl to ever move away from all of her family and friends for a man, but he was “the one” and I knew it. After moving to San Diego I was ready to start my career as Registered Nurse. Aesthetic nursing fell into my lap and I absolutely love it! Shortly after, Mike and I became engaged and married. He truly is my better half. He is the most selfless, humble, smart and thoughtful person I know. How did I get him?!? We have been married for three years this September and each day is better than the last.

Anyone who knows me knows how close I am to my family. I have an amazing mom, dad, and brother. I talk to my mom on the phone every single day.  It is so hard to be far from her! I miss the little things like going to lunch and getting pedicures.  She is so strong and has made so many sacrifices for me. If I had one wish it would be that she were here in San diego. 

I can always count on my dad for great advice. My husband and I are moving into a new life phase (which I will tell you about in the next post) and my dad is so excited!

I have the absolute best brother in the world. He always has my back. We are best friends. God truly blessed us with a special relationship. I don’t know what I would do without him.  There is really nothing like having a big brother. He also lives here now thank goodness! 

I am thankful every single day for my family.

I am 100% girl. I love fashion, beauty, home decor, a good recipe and entertaining. But I also love sports. Mostly football. GO COWBOYS!

San Diego is a hard place not to fall in love with. The weather is ALMOST always perfect, and there is nothing quite like San Diego sunsets over the ocean. But…I do miss a bit of Tennessee; when you can feel football in the air, bonfires, biscuits, sweet tea and even sweeter people. Tennessee will always be home but I will soak up SoCal while I am here. :-)

Lastly and most importantly: I will blog about all kinds of things on here, but none of it really matters.  The only thing that does is that I am a sinner saved by the Grace of God. Jesus Christ is my savior.  Acts 4:12 

I’m glad you're here! Please comment on anything you’d like below. I can’t wait to get to know you, too :-)

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  1. Stephanie! I really enjoyed reading and looking at your new blog! �� Your sweet personality, love for fashion and most importantly love for the Lord makes you perfect for this! �� I've always been a girly girl from waaay back (LOL) with a love for fashion, clothes and Jesus and I expect to be reading your blog for a long time as I see you to be very successful !!!! Kim (Roberts) Lane